MManager, Money Manager Flutter Apps, with API & Admin Panel Backend
Your Personal Finance Apps.
Comprehensive dashboard for your money management

Records the details of your entry and expenses, with specific categories and manageable. Graphical Interface, Lite, Smooth, Compact with Pie Donut Chart, Pretty, Comprehensive, Detail categories division presented.
Overview Report, Based on your income and expenses, Weekly, Monthly and 3 Months periods.

Flutter Framework v.2x, running well both Android & iOS Money Manager v.091 with Simply Admin Panel & API Restful JSON, PHP 7, MySQL, Code Igniter.

Save 1000+ development hours.

Flutter 2 Ready (Null-Safety)

Demo APK:
Youtube Demo:

‚Ä®Inspired by:

Main Feature:
1. Comprehensive dashboard for your money management, personal finance
2. Intro Screen, 3 on-boarding pages, swipe left-right.
3. Using local Sqlite Manageable
4. Add/Update/Delete income with note and category
5. Add/Update/Delete expense with note and category
6. 27+ Expense categories
7. 10+ Income categories
8. Overview report period (Weeks, Monthly, 3Months)
9. Support dual currency (IDR, USD), easy to customize
10. Simply Account Membership
11. Feedback page for user comment
12. Google Admob Integrated
13. Broadcast Push Notification FCM
14. With API Restful JSON Backend (PHP7, Code Igniter, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin)
15. With API Restful JSON ready to connect to other development platforms based.
16. With Simply Dashboard Admin Panel (Bootstrap, HTML, CSS3, jQuery)
17. GetX flutter plugins – Fast, Stable, Extra-Light & Powerful StateManagement
18. Almost 99% Stateless Widget
19. Easy to re-skin and customize
20. Flutter Version 2x (null safety)
21. Email support:

1. Server, domain, hosting (backend) with SSL support
2. PHP 7, MySQL, PhPMyAdmin, Code Igniter
3. Flutter Framework (
4. Visual Studio Code
5. FCM Account – Firebase
6. Admob Account
7. A Brain to think ;)

Admin Panel – Simply Dashboard

Admin Panel (Simply Dashboard)
Bootstrap, HTML, CSS3, PHP7, CI, PhPMyAdmin
Username: admin
Password: 123456

Demo PlayStore:


Read documentation carefully, I will help to support until done.




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