Can I resell purchased source code?

When you purchase source code, you do so under a sublicensing agreement. You cannot resell your purchase as is.


What are the Payment Methods

There are two payment method. it's paypal and stripe


Who has the copyrights of the purchased source code?

The copyrights are placed under a sublicensing agreement.For more information see are(Terms)


I'm having trouble uploading an app, script, template or other digital product. What should I do?

Contact our support staff using ContactUs


How much money can I make selling my apps,scripts,graphics?

Sellers get to keep 90% of the selling price of your product sold on our market.


I have a suggestion. Who should I talk to?

Start a support ticket by using ContactUs


Who buys source code on clonesourcecode.com?

Many buyers are non-technical, non-coders, who are looking to create and market an app,website or game on their own by purchasing licenses to product so that they can then launch them in the market.

Some buyers may be more technical, but are looking to save time and cost by purchasing a template and customizing the app to integrate it into a project that they are already working on.

Still, other buyers may be students or amateur developers who are looking to understand how an app or game works by purchasing a license to the source code and analyzing it. Some may be doing this for study, while some may go on to release the app later.


Who sells source code on clonesourcecode.com?

Sellers on our platform are quite diverse.

Many are professional developers with years of experience. These sellers have created a large number of apps and may prefer to sell the source code rather than deal with the difficulties of marketing an app.

Some are students or hobbyists, who may have created an app or game as part of an educational, group, or club project, and who are now looking to make some money of their hard work.


Will my product receive updates?

This depends on the developer. Some developers will continue developing the apps and provide updates to licensees when they are released, such as when a new OS version is released or to add new features or patching bugs. You should communicate with developers individually regarding whether or not updates will be provided.

What if I don’t have any design experience?

First, consider asking the developer who created the game or app to take up the task. If the developer is not available then consider asking MeetSource for help finding a graphic designer whose skills match your requirements.


When will I receive money from the administrator?

There is a threshold of $100 that needs to be met in order to request a payout.

payouts will be made using PayPal or via Stripe.

In case of earnings that are less than $100 the payout will occur after 120 days from the last purchase on the developers account.

The developer shall pay all fees and costs that are necessary for the payout of his commissions.

You allow CloneSourceCode in case of any of the following: refunds, chargeback and unauthorized transactions to automatically deduct these amounts from your commissions.

In any case that a buyer will request a refund within a period of 30 days due to the reasons: product is not as described, code is broken or doesn’t run properly you approve automatically to grant the buyer a full refund. this will occur only if the buyer had made the claim in accordance with our refund policy and his statements seem valid.


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